Drydock Business

Kickstart your next Drupal 8 project with this a versatile business theme. Built to deploy with Composer, configuration sync & Drupal VM.

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A Modern Drupal 8 Theme - built from the ground up

A modern developer experience from start to finish.

Composer Install

Built using Composer and bundled with a Drupal specific composer.json file. Use composer install and composer update to instantly install the latest Drupal core and module dependencies.

Drupal VM

Pre bundled with a Drupal VM instance for your local environment. We've written a helpful installation guide in our docs. The DrupalVM is pre-configured to install Drush, Drupal console and XDebug.


Tested and ready to deploy to popular Drupal hosting providers (such as Pantheon). Our docs include detailed instructions for deploying your site.

Provision & deploy a live site in under an Hour.

Use SQL Import or Configuration Import to setup all the content types, blocks, views and dummy content.

SQL Import

Our themes come bundled with an SQL file which includes the entire site configuration and setup.

Configuration Import

Full configuration files ship in the default/config/ folder. This is best practice for Drupal 8 and is an alternative to SQL Import. Use configuration sync to import the entire site. This can be done via Drush, or within the Drupal Admin.

Demo Content Included

Full demo content is available with the theme. Use Devel Generate to create content for every content-type. Images in the demo are included.

Pre Built Content Types

Content types included are Basic, Services, Work, Team, Testimonials and Article.

Pre Built Views

Pre built view (blocks) for each content type including a homepage view, grid view and slider (owl carousel) view.

Pre Built Blocks & Menus

Menus and non view blocks are all pre-styled and configured.

Beautiful Front-end Code

Our theme ships with the best


Perfectly structured SCSS files arranged into components, blocks, views, nodes etc.


Grunt build tools in the theme folder let you compile SCSS & JS. Watch for changes. Minify, Autoprefixer, lint and more.

Browser Sync

Run grunt server and the local Drupal website is launched in BrowserSync. Hot reload SCSS/JS changes without refreshing the browser.


Built on Flexbox first. Break free of restrictive grids and use Flexbox to achieve modern designs.

Fully Responsive

Fully responsive out of the box. Including mobile, tablet and desktop. Ships with an intuitive breakpoint mixin that is framework independent. For example @include breakpoint(medium only).

Classes Everywhere

We've added classes to entity, node, block, view, page, body and by URL path. It's possible to target anything with CSS.

Isolated CSS Components

Each block contains it's own isolated SCSS file which is name-spaced by it's block machine id.

Fontawesome & Icomoon

Bundled with Fontawesome and Icomoon SCSS files. Use the @include fa-icon() mixin anywhere. Generate your Icomoon icons and simply copy it into the /icomoon SCSS folder.

Display Suite Templates

Ships with an additional 20 Display Suite templates that use Flexbox. Includes fullwidth and fixed layouts for stacked, row, column and more.